International Research Symposium : 2024

"Vocational Technology Education for a
Sustainable Greener Economy"

-University of Vocational Technology-

About Conference

8th International Research Symposium 2024

The University of Vocational Technology (UoVT) is proud to host the 8th International Research Symposium 2024. The theme of this year’s symposium is “Vocational Technology Education for a Sustainable Greener Economy”. This event brings together researchers and academics from around the world to share their knowledge and ideas on how to build resilient industries that can adapt to changes and challenges.
The symposium features 5 tracks:

  • Educational Stratergies for Sustainable TVET

  • Engineering Technology for Green Economy

  • Digital Technologies and Creative Industries

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Economic Resilience

  • Sustainable Practices for Multifunctional Green Economy


Calling for papers

The 8th International Research Symposium 2024 of the University of Vocational Technology has been scheduled for 12th December 2024. This Symposium aims to bring together scholars, innovative researchers, academics, practitioners, and students from different Universities, University colleges, R & D Institutes, TVET sector institutes and private sector institutions for discussions on challenges, opportunities, and innovations under the theme of “Vocational Technology Education for a Sustainable Greener Economy” Prospective authors are invited to submit their research papers written in English on subject matters related to any of the sub-themes of the sessions. The prospective, valuable contributions will be evaluated by a Scientific Review Committee.

Exploring Emerging Technologies and Skills for Resilience in TVET and Industry" investigates how emerging technologies can enhance resilience by fostering adaptability, innovation, and the ability to withstand disruptions. The study examines the impact of these technologies on teaching methods, research practices, industry operations, and socio-economic systems. It emphasizes the importance of developing skills such as digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, creativity, and collaboration to thrive amidst technological changes, market shifts, and global crises. By aligning TVET programs, academic research, and industry practices with evolving skill requirements, this exploration aims to equip individuals and organizations to navigate and succeed in dynamic, technology-driven environments, promoting sustainable and resilient ecosystems.


Deadlines of Symposium

20th June 2024

Call for papers

31st June 2024

Submission of papers

30th August 2024

Notification of acceptance

01st October 2024

Camera-ready copy Submission

01st October 2024

Date of early bird registration

On or before 01st December 2024


12th December 2024

Date of Symposium

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